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The virtues needed for university leaders

A paper published by my colleague, Susan Rose, and myself in Management in Education

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Refreshing the rule book on ethics for leadership final accepted form of the manuscript
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Leadership in universities is complex and difficult. In this article Susan and I looked at using a virtues framework to provide such leaders with a way of making decisions, particularly in a complex and changing world. This article will be summarised in a blog that will be published soon and I will link to that blog to provide a succinct summary.

This manuscript is the final accepted version of the manuscript.

The paper is published as

George, A. J. T., & Rose, S. (2023). Ethical decision-making: Virtues for senior leadership in higher education. Management in Education, 0(0).

and is available for subscription holders here.

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